Daily Prompt: Thank You

Thank you!! So much。zz


Japanese to learn English

Last year, Japanese result in TOFEL is ranked low, even below North Korea or Tajikistan. Follow the nominated to be Olympic organizer, there is trend in Japanese city to learn English.

It’s embarrassed the city can’t talk in fluent English when visitor came from all over the world. As English is an international common language, it’s good to Master it. Now, even taxi driver, cook, cashier, cops all is focus to improve their language so that they are more advance in their competitive industry.

However, the tourist is still keen to visit the Japan with a translation dictionary & talk to the local in Japanese..it’s fun & more related to the Japanese society..KONICHIWA is still the word that most common used for a tourist visiting Japan.

When you meet a pretty Japanese girl, make sure you will shout out”KAWAII neh” :).. When you have chance taste a very delicious Japanese food, try to shout with your deepest voice”OISHII”:D

Sometimes, English is important, but don’t forget the root language of yours, all of these language has their own deep meaning to the society & culture, be best to be bilingual, trilingual or to master as much language as you can. & I think, easiest way I to learn & practice since a younger period. Like a Baby who can learn multiple language very Very fast..cheers

Man Utd Shinji Kagawa questions omission

Shinji Kagawa is questioning Man Utd omission from the Manchester United team and said it is up to manager David Moyes to explain why he is not playing.


Its Clearly he is out of favour in Moyes’ Plan. But why? This question fall back on why Man Utd bought him over from Dortmund a year back. Because he is good? Because he is German League Champions squad member? Or because he is asian, he is Japanese which will bring more & more Asian fans to love Man Utd..we can notice it since Ji Sung Park, who is a Korean national key player that famous with his hard work on pitch.


Shinji Kagawa:” I’m not regretting signing with Man Utd.”

But for a Man Utd fans, who follows the team to EPL glory last season, is questioning also about the new Manager David Moyes performance,..he is good in Everton which always perform well at Mid table..but now Man Utd is the top team which can be considered the best among Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool & Hotspur. Can David really cope with the pressure, & meet the expectation? I doubt so..

With the transfer market closure, which is a big failure for Man Utd, what you expect the team to be stronger? With the purchase of Fellaini? hahahaha…lol..

Just Compare the team that has treble Glory & today’s Man Utd, should tell you the difference:

GK: Schmeichel vs De Gea

RB: G.Neville vs Rafael’

CB: Stam vs Ferdinand

CB: Johnson vs Vidic

LB: Irwin vs Evra

RW: Beckham vs Valencia

CM: Keane vs Carrick

CM: Scholes vs Cleverley

LW: Giggs vs Young

CF: Yorke vs Rooney

CF: Cole vs V.Persie

& the bench players who unnecessary to be mentioned..the squad today is no more as good as previous team.

From 99 squad on, Man Utd need a player to be as the heart, as the winning key to the squad like Ronaldo, V.Persie.. It makes the team too dependable. I still can remember the 99 squad which team goals, which goals came from lots of players include the super sub Solksjear & Sheringham..

Hope Man Utd can be more focus on the player development & produce a good team, not one or two super star, or tons of player with market value but not really shine on pitch.

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

In the fore transfer market, might be a time for Man Utd to know its weakness & start to build a better team.

All Above mentioned is opinion from a fan.

Ground base blog’s start


Today is 9.9, September 9th…hope to create a own website to share , learn with others. Try to figure out what the blog’s name..finally choose Ground base..it means start from lowest point, & most humble way to share to this world’s wonder. Now thinking what photos to insert..finally found a nice photo, taken at home:)…