Japanese to learn English

Last year, Japanese result in TOFEL is ranked low, even below North Korea or Tajikistan. Follow the nominated to be Olympic organizer, there is trend in Japanese city to learn English.

It’s embarrassed the city can’t talk in fluent English when visitor came from all over the world. As English is an international common language, it’s good to Master it. Now, even taxi driver, cook, cashier, cops all is focus to improve their language so that they are more advance in their competitive industry.

However, the tourist is still keen to visit the Japan with a translation dictionary & talk to the local in Japanese..it’s fun & more related to the Japanese society..KONICHIWA is still the word that most common used for a tourist visiting Japan.

When you meet a pretty Japanese girl, make sure you will shout out”KAWAII neh” :).. When you have chance taste a very delicious Japanese food, try to shout with your deepest voice”OISHII”:D

Sometimes, English is important, but don’t forget the root language of yours, all of these language has their own deep meaning to the society & culture, be best to be bilingual, trilingual or to master as much language as you can. & I think, easiest way I to learn & practice since a younger period. Like a Baby who can learn multiple language very Very fast..cheers